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Learning How To Drink From A Firehose - HubSpot's PGB with Dan Tyre

Man. There’s so much I took in from the HubSpot Agency Partner Pipeline Generation Bootcamp. I went ahead and got my Inbound and Inbound sales certifications before I did the boot camp... It was fun if you're into that kind of thing... ya'know... learning and stuff.

Needless to say, that was just the beginning of my journey into learning the best way to drink from a firehose.

When it all started

At first, I felt so much fear and anxiety because I had walked away from being an automotive technician or “Mechanic” after 23 years of blood, sweat, and gears. I found great pleasure in doing so and learned so much to the point that I officially mastered my craft but walked away from the lack of a better business model and poor management structures. It doesn’t go without saying that I could see the light when it came to developing ways to enhance services and create camaraderie and community within the businesses I had worked for. 

After studying the inbound methodology and finding that it resonated with me deeply as someone who's learning something completely new after being self-absorbed in an ego-driven way of doing business. I mean, I just couldn’t get over the fact that people were so impersonal about what their particular job function was and how it affected the overall experience of how we serve others.  Bootcamp touched me in a way that felt like it was natural to who I was. I like the fact that we were literally putting in the time to get to know not only how we can help our clients with our best possible abilities but get to know them as well. 

Down to business

From a business perspective, it just put a much more friendly presence to it and gave me the confidence to speak to others about how we can help them grow. It didn’t feel like I was invading their privacy anymore. I’ve been a salesman before when I was younger but, I couldn’t get over the fact that the term salesman was linked to the words “ Scumbag or Invasive”. I completely ate up the delicious details of having a human and holistic approach to serving others with all the wonderful unique abilities we acquired during this experience.

Dan Tyre was nothing less than amazing. I give him “props” for what he does and how he does it.

He brought that energy with him and gave us a way to stand up for ourselves and think highly of who we are and what we do. Like he literally made you stand up lol.

The amount of great content and information is overwhelming. I mean I couldn’t believe the amount of helpful practices I could incorporate into the way I conducted myself with clients and how well it aligned with my life perspective. It made me not only think of myself as a better person, but enabled me to do my job with tons of tools, information, confidence, and overall insight on how to get it done and do it with a smile. 

The big idea

In closing, the biggest thing I got from boot camp is the culture we develop within our structures to create a more transparent view, not only to ourselves, but our potential clients.

We are bringing friendly back baby and its got way more force than it has ever had in the history of the business.

You can see the wave of kindness and compassion generating momentum in our industry and our clients are thanking us for it. We are bringing presence to the forefront and building trust with more authenticity. The need to manipulate people and situations is something we're happy to see it quickly fading into oblivion. We get it, and we are happy to see it go.

Being authentic and embracing an organic approach to how we conduct business is exactly the type of conduct that puts us at the forefront and we serve it well.

Thank you Hubspot and Dan Tyre for this amazing experience and the cultivation of a game-changing way to be ourselves and do business.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Trygve Olsen @ for helping me get over my fear and educating me with his unique personality and knowledge. I’ve met so many new people in such a short amount of time and I’m grateful for it.  I truly look forward to future endeavors with this wonderful community.

To my brother Ryan Falcon  – We Got This Bro. 2020 here we come!

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November 13, 2018
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